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Kings Garden Store is a new lifestyle apparel brand with a mission to heat up the world around us with the message of God's love through Jesus Christ.
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Inspire. Remind. Glorify.


Our hope and prayer is that our apparel will INSPIRE you to SEEK HIM.


The ONE who is worthy of all our PRAISE – Jesus Christ.


We want to remind the world of HIS goodness.

With a vision starting already back in 2014, Kings Garden Store is now live with Jesus-centered fashion and items. We love to preach about the glory of God to the ends of the earth and want to encourage people to do the same. While it's what's inside our hearts that truly matters, what we wear still communicates something and we know that this world needs to meet the love of Jesus.

Our Story
Saved Cropped Hoodie

Wear with love.

Your looks will never guarantee your hearts condition. Our passion is that the Kings Garden apparel will lead you to a greater love of the LORD our God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind and all your strength and that you secondly, will grow in love both your neighbour and yourself.
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The open office is full of noise. So we built a place with less. Our Room is a simple, affordable solution for the modern workplace. It's our way of making more room for everyone.

When we needed to get our shop up and running fast, Crafty was there to help us.
Michael Boaz
Seriously, could Crafty be any more awesome? I'm not sure it could...thanks!
Sara Bonham